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    Do you ever find yourself wondering why Bâton Rouge was named Montreal's best ribs in town, you probably have never tried our ribs in that case. If you are still apprehensive (and stubborn) let us tell you why our ribs are simply the best! 

   Now, we won't be divulging all our secrets however will give you a little insight as to how we prepare the best ribs in town. 

    Let’s start by discussing the different types of ribs. If you didn't already know there are a plethora of different types of ribs which makes it quite the culinary challenge to pick the right one for your recipe.

1. Pork Ribs 

      Pork spareribs are flavourful, meaty, and a bit more bone than their other counterparts. 

This cut comes from the belly side near the rib cage.

These ribs have a generous amount of fat, which renders down beautifully when slow-cooked. 

It produces a succulent and flavourful bite, ideal for smoking, braising, grilling, or stews.

2. Baby Back Ribs

     Contrary to what their name might suggest, baby back ribs are simply shorter than spareribs. 

After removing the loin, butchers cut the meat from where the rib meets the spine. 

Curved and meatier than spareribs, these beauties boast a tender texture. 

Baby back ribs gain an irresistible pull-apart tenderness that’s hard to beat. They are ideal for smoking or grilling.

3.  St. Louis-Style Ribs

     A variation of the spare rib, the St. Louis-Style Ribs are a barbecue pit masters pride and joy. 

They remove the brisket bone, creating a rectangular, neat slab perfect for even cooking. 

This rib type is popular in the Midwest and is a staple in many barbecue competitions. 

St. Louis-style ribs are a go-to for those who love an even char and a straightforward eating experience.

4. Country-Style Ribs

   Country-style ribs are not precisely ribs in the traditional sense. 

These come from the blade end of the loin, close to the upper pork shoulder. 

They are meatier- their meat-to-bone ratio is more like pork chops. Typically, they contain no rib bones but have parts of the shoulder blade.  

Country-style ribs are perfect for those who like ribs but crave a meatier, boneless bite. 

Their substantial meat content makes them great for braising, grilling, or slow cooking.

    Now, lets get back to talking about how we do things here at Bâton Rouge!

     We source the best baby back ribs available on the market, a leaner more tender cut. We then gently apply a SECRET recipe rub, what we will share is that it is like a Kansas City style rub. Then, our ribs are cooked LOW & SLOW until they are falling off the bone.

We then finish them off by grilling them on an open flame while smothered with our unique and signature sweet and smoky BBQ sauce  ( Sweet Kansas City Style).

     There you have it, a complete breakdown of the different types of pork ribs a long with a little insight into how we do things and what makes the Bâton Rouge rib experience so unique.  

      If you were on the fence about trying our ribs, we hope that this has given you the push you needed to finally try us out. Book us for all your celebrations, whether birthday, anniversary, or a simple catch up with friends!

Reserve today.

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