Premium comfort-food with a casual & inviting ambiance

We prepare our meals from scratch using only the very best ingredients. This level of attention to detail allows us to proudly serve an unparalleled quality that is unmatched in our industry. We put in this degree of effort because we strongly believe that our guests deserve the best!

A Brand You Can Trust

In 2017, Bâton Rouge celebrated its 25th anniversary and made its mark in the restaurant industry since the time when red glowing wooden logs were used to fire up the ovens in 1992. Today, the Bâton Rouge menu continues to feature bold flavours such as best-selling pork back ribs, slow-cooked to fall-off-the-bone perfection and basted with our signature homemade barbecue sauce.

3 million

Over 3 million BBQ pork back rib portions sold annually.

More Than 107 Years of Operational Expertise

The Bâton Rouge operations team has more than 107 years of combined expertise in the restaurant industry. From the restaurant design to cooking operations, the team shares its knowledge and competencies with the franchisee network on a daily basis. Their hands-on approach helps to improve restaurant efficiency and maximize profitability.

230 guests

Bâton Rouge restaurants range in size from 5,500 to 8,000 square feet, seating an average of 230 guests.


At Bâton Rouge, we believe that opening a franchise in the restaurant industry must be a clear and well-informed decision, understanding all aspects of the investment and its undertakings. The information below is destined to help you decide if opening a Bâton Rouge franchise is a good choice for you. Furthermore, our market development specialists will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Total Investment

$1.8 – $2.5


Royalty Fee


of gross sales

National Advertising Fund


of gross sales

Local Area Advertising Required


of gross sales

Franchisee Selection Process

Choosing to open a franchise is making the decision to become a business partner with another business, a franchisor. This decision is, for both partners, a process that must be done diligently and transparently. Here are the key steps, from the first point of contact to the opening of the restaurant doors to ensure a win-win partnership for both parties.

1 Submit an application
2 Interview process
3 In-store observation days
4 Due diligence period
5 Site discussion & secure financing
6 Selection committee approval process
7 Finalize agreements & training period commences
8 Restaurant opening


Bâton Rouge is always looking for franchising partners. We have several areas in which we would like to open a new Bâton Rouge restaurant. Already have a restaurant and want to join the family? Contact us!

We are actively seeking franchising partners in the

  • Ontario market
  • New Brunswick market

Our latest openings!

  • Joliette, Quebec
  • St-Hyacinthe, Quebec
  • Whitby, Ontario

Let’s talk about your new restaurant opening!


Thinking of opening a Bâton Rouge restaurant? Let's talk about it! Contact us for any questions or requests for information. We promise you accuracy and transparency!

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