Nature of the work

Do you like to entertain friends or even add your personal touch to your guests' dishes? We have some work for you. Do you have experience? Good for you. Don't you have any? Don't worry, the training is paid. We also give several training courses in Hygiene and Sanitation, Occupational Health and Safety, as well as training on hazardous products and materials. You will be able to work with a dynamic, respectful, and professional team.

Main functions

  • Prepare food for serving.
  • Learn and respect the recipes of the Restaurants.
  • Applies the rules of hygiene and health and safety at work
  • Ensure the constant cleanliness of the workstation.
  • Follow the equipment's operating instructions.
  • Maintain restaurant and equipment maintenance.
  • Organizes workstation and work effectively.
  • Receives and places orders from suppliers in accordance with food rotation.
  • Stores products and preparations according to their probable shelflife.
  • Maintains the established turnaround time.
  • Maintain consistency in the quality of food preparation.
  • Executes any other task requested by the person in charge.


Be part of a team, respects recipes, efficient, organized, with integrity, attention to detail, tolerant of heat, lives well with the stress of the moment, keeps his/her work environment clean and accepts related tasks (cleaning, receiving orders, etc... ), autonomous, punctual and responsible.

Working conditions

  • Competitive salary,
  • The schedule can be variable depending on the position, day, evening, or weekend,
  • Possibility of working part-time or full-time,
  •  Schedules can be split hours.

Benefits (may vary): 

  • Discount on meals
  • Schedule adapted to your availability 
  • On-site training
  • Uniform provided

Restaurants with openings

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