Dining room supervisors

Nature of the work

The dining room supervisor plans and directs the activities related to the preparation and the service of meals and beverages and performs the same functions as the servers.

Main functions

Oversees the activities of the servers and other dining room personnel Maintains a good working environment Recruits and hires the dining room personnel Explains the new recipes and the new equipment to the dining room personnel Orders the food supplies and dining room equipment Trains servers to prepare, garnish and present the food Has a professional appearance Supervises the organization of personnel and equipment to ensure customer satisfaction Plans and directs activities related to the preparation and service of meals Ensures the quality of the food meets standards Evaluates the requirements for and cost of beverages Evaluates the requirements for and the cost of labour Executes all other tasks as requested by the manager or franchisee.


A few years of post-secondary studies may be required. This type of employment requires 1 to 2 years of experience as a server or dining room team leader. The ability to quickly grasp complex situations, an analytical mind, attention to detail, facility with numbers, the ability to take decisions and a openness to change are required. Interpersonal skills, facility with meeting people, teamwork, collaboration, leadership, adaptability and good verbal communication skill are required. Bilingualism may be required. Good personal grooming, confidence, integrity, ability to manage stress, dynamism, energy, autonomy, initiative, availability, flexibility and orientation toward quality are required.

Working conditions

The work schedules are generally pre set, with occasional overtime. Frequently works evenings, weekends and statutory holidays. Occasionally works nights. Works intensely at mealtimes. Occasional office work.

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