Grilling for a better community

The one thing that is better than enjoying Bâton Rouge food, is enjoying Bâton Rouge food and supporting a good community cause at the same time.

Bâton Rouge Candiac will be donating 50% of its profit on the day of Saturday May 29, 2021 to Innovation Jeunes. 

Innovation Jeunes is a community organization that offers a structured environment of support for youth and families in downtown Montreal. Its programs focus on the betterment of the physical well-being and food security for youth, and the development of integrated relationships in the lives of the youth and families. The organization also gives special attention to the youths’ academic success. During the pandemic, they opened an emergency food bank to respond to the food security crisis in Montreal. 

Image from the food bank at Innovation Youth
(Image from the food bank at Innovation Youth)

When you eat at Bâton Rouge Candiac on May 29, you will be directly contributing to this fundraising initiative in support of Innovation Jeunes. The fundraising element is applied to all orders on takeout and delivery platforms from the restaurant.

In addition to profit sharing, Bâton Rouge Candiac will be having on May 29 a donation basket for in-kind donations aimed to Innovation Jeunes.  The doors will be open for customers and community members to support Innovation Jeunes with non-perishable items and gift cards to grocery stores. non-spoilable food or any kind of other valuables.

Moreover, a third way to contribute to this initiative is by making a direct donation to Innovation Jeunes’ food bank on their website, using the following link: Donate to Innovation Jeunes

This fundraising initiative came to life due to the efforts of the new owners of Bâton Rouge Candiac, the Siddiquis, who acquired ownership of the restaurant back in (Month, 2020).

Yasseen Siddiqui, the current manager of BR Candiac, is a big supporter of Innovation Jeunes activities and social programs since his youth years, while growing up in Montreal. 

(Yaseen Saddiqui (left) and Dr. Aejaz Saddiqui (right) . New owners of Bâton Rouge Candiac.)

The new owners, Dr. Aejaz Saddiqui and his son Yaseen, look forward to host similar special events and get to meet the local community in person when the restaurant re-opens its dining rooms in the near future.  In this occasion,  the Siddiquis would like to share with the community of Bâton Rouge Candiac the following message:

“We are happy to help those in need. Unity and strength  starts by helping those in your community when they need it most." 

Here is a summary of the three different ways in which we can join effort to contribute to the fundraising initiative on May 29:

  1. Order-In from Bâton Rouge Candiac on any takeout and delivery platform (preference for takeout, due to a higher profit margin).
  2. In-kind donation of non-spoilable food and other valuables for the donation basket set at Bâton Rouge Candiac restaurant (120 Rue de Strasbourg, Candiac, QC J5R 0B4). Call 450-444-1500 for more info.
  3. A direct donation to Innovation Jeunes on their website using the following link: Donate to Innovation Jeunes

Join us on May 29 to support Innovation Jeunes, because at BR we are committed to building positive and meaningful connections in our communities.

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