Recreate the Bâton Rouge experience at home using our retail products

Did you know that Bâton Rouge has an exclusive line of retail products?

Looking for recipe inspiration or a way to live the Bâton Rouge experience at home? Our Corporate Chef Charles Dufresne  compiled his favourite recipes using our pulled pork and signature BBQ ribs, readily available at most supermarkets like IGA and Costco. Trust us, these recipes will leave you craving more!

Bâton Rouge Pulled Pork        

  • Enhance your favourite Mac N’ Cheese recipe by adding our pulled pork.
  • Spice up your nachos by adding our pulled pork.
  • Add our pulled pork meat to your oven baked potato. Psst, you can also add green onions and sour cream and cheddar! It’s delicious!
  • Add the meat to our BR Signature fries, poutine sauce and your favorite cheese for a decadent meal.

Bâton Rouge Signature BBQ Ribs      

Carefully remove the meat from the bones and use it to enhance multiple dishes:

  • Transform your regular burger by replacing your beef patty with our BBQ ribs meat OR stack it with your beef patty.
  • Enhance your sandwich or grilled cheese by adding the rib meat.

You can purchase our Pulled Pork from: IGA

You can purchase our Signature BBQ Ribs from: IGA, Costco and Provigo.

Find more info on BR retail products at the Grocery Collection here.

Let us know how was your BR  home experience or send us your recipes for a chance to be featured: 

About Chef Charles Dufresne

Native from Montreal, Charles graduated from Institut de Tourisme et d’Hotellerie du Québec before going on to gain over twenty five years of experience in some of the world’s top kitchens. Recipient of the prestigious AAA 4 diamonds award in 2003-04-05 he also was awarded 5 stars from the Voir Restaurant Guide and chosen in 2005 as one of Canada’s top chef. Charles was a regular food columnist on French television shows such as Kraft’s Qu’est ce qui Mijote and Le Show Du Matin on TVA. He spent 3 years sharing and teaching his skills to the general public at L’Academie Culinaire de Montreal. 
“My cooking skills and knowledge were shaped by years of hard work and many trips abroad. Europe gave me the opportunity to learn alongside some of the world’s best Michelin Stars chefs and Quebec gives me the chance to manipulate high quality produce on a daily basis. Let me share with you my passion for the culinary arts and give you in my own way the very best of my many mentors.”

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