5 Ideas for Valentine's Day, 2021 You'll Both Love

While there's no one definition of what makes a date romantic, it's safe to say you want a certain February day to have a little more romance to it than the rest. Here are some ideas to get your creativity flowing as the 14th approaches.

Image via Unsplash by element5digital

No matter what your Valentine's thing was pre-pandemic, chances are, this year you'll need a change from how you've celebrated in the past. Marking special occasions under COVID lockdown conditions has been rough for everyone. The new "normal" makes sticking to Valentine's Day traditions (you know, dinner and a movie, date nights in public places) way more complicated than ever before. If getting the day just right made you nervous anyway, you might even feel that creating a special Valentine's Day this year is a little bit hopeless.

But there's good news. Though February 14th will certainly look and feel different in 2021, you have countless possibilities to mark the day for that special someone. In fact, this Valentine's Day offers the perfect opportunity to lean into those quieter, more intimate moments that can turn this holiday into a memory you'll both treasure for years to come. Whether you've been with your partner for years or you're just starting out in your relationship, these five ideas will put you in a romantic mood.

Flowers and Chocolate to Your Doorstep!

Do you always grab flowers or chocolate for your Valentine before heading out on your date? There's no reason to abandon that sweet tradition. You can easily get the goods you might otherwise have purchased in person queued up for delivery. Surprise the one you love with a fresh bouquet of flowers that arrive at your door just as you start your at-home date. If your love language includes sweet treats, you can get chocolate delivered, too. You can even set up a private wine and chocolate tasting to take your romantic celebration to the next level.

Order In or Cook Together!

Valentine's Day falls on a Sunday this year, making it the ultimate opportunity for a romantic breakfast in bed. There's no need to sacrifice your Valentine's Day dinner tradition just because you can't head to a restaurant. Cook a meal together, or surprise your sweetie with your own take on their favourite dish.

Pro-tip: Whether you're good in the kitchen or want a quick and easy option for your dinner date at home, Bâton Rouge has you covered. You'll find plenty of options to craft a memorable meal if you want to buy groceries and cook. Prefer to order in? You can easily recreate your favourite restaurant meal in the comfort of your own home.

Cocktail Mix-Along!

Stock up on some key ingredients and some booze, then make what in other years might be a visit to a fancy bar into a fun activity. Just watch a cocktail recipe online and follow along to make your own signature Valentine's Day 2021 cocktail. You'll get a recipe for cocktails and an opportunity for laughs, high jinks, and plenty of good memories.

Fondue Never Fails To Wow!

What's more romantic than fondue? Getting that chocolate fondue experience at home, of course! You can use fruits like bananas, apples, and of course, classic strawberries, and even add in some other tasty treats like marshmallows, pretzel sticks, and Oreos. Coat anything you have left at the end of the night with leftover melted chocolate, then stick in the refrigerator or freezer to enjoy in the coming days.

Don't worry if you don't have a dedicated fondue kit at hand. You can find plenty of recipes online for melting chocolate on the stove. Once melted, just set up a large pot of chocolate surrounded by your favourite dippable treats, then enjoy your party of two.

Learn a Dance Together!

Swaying side to side is nice, but maybe this is a good opportunity to really perfect something that'll bring the house down when parties are a thing again. An online dance class offers an interactive Valentine's Day activity. From hip-hop to fox trot, tango to two-step, there's a dance class online for anything you want to learn.

Put on some romantic background music and get moving. Whether you end up mastering your chosen steps or just have fun with your dance partner, dancing the night away is sure to make Valentine's Day, 2021 a day to remember.

Valentine's Day, 2021 will certainly look a little different than any previous Valentine's Day. That doesn't mean it can't be just as special. Use these ideas to craft the perfect at-home day for you and your Valentine.