Table D'hôte

Restaurant Delivery


  • Soup of the day | or
  • Mixed salad | or
  • Caesar salad | or 
  • Oyster  Rockefeller (3) For an additional $8. Our famous blend of spinach, artichoke hearts and cheese, cooked on every oyster.


  • Atlantic Salmon | Grilled 8 oz fillet, virgin sauce with tomato sauce. Accompanied by rice and vegetables | 35
  • Chicken with mashed tomatoes | Grilled marinated chicken breast, served with a virgin sauce, pesto, balsamic reduction and parmesan reggiano. Accompanied by an oven-baked potato | 33
  • Forestry Skirt Steak (7 oz) | Tender and savory of marinated skirt steak, covered with Brie cheese and mushroom, sautéed. Accompanied with fries and cabbage salad. | 46
  • BBQ Ribs | Famous pork ribs tender and hearty, slowly cooked over low heat for 7.5 hours and coated with our BBQ  sauce. Accompanied with fries and coleslaw. | 35
  • Halloumi Gnocchis | Gnocchi, creamy garlic tomato sauce, cherry tomatoes, grilled peppers & zucchinis. Garnished with basil and seared halloumi cheese | 30


  • Ask your server our selection! Served with coffee, tea or herbal tea.